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Burmese Noodle Salad

One of the favourite, simple, salads in Burmese food is salad Noodles! (there are many versions of the Burmese noodle salad according to the states and regions in Myanmar) (Burma) with vegetables or even w/ rice (let thohk or let thohk sohn – hand mixed salad) it is also similar to Filipino Palabok, topped with tinapa (smoked fish flakes)

Just like vegetable salads, we just add any rice noodles, glass noodles, (vermicelli) or pasta noodles to this salad recipe.

The main ingredient for a salad, is the dressing, and in Burmese salads, the dressing are always blend in taste of lemon, lime or tamarind juice, with patis, (fish sauce) fried onions,  with some oil to mix the noodles in dal, or chick peas powder, (you can buy the chick pea powder in any Asian grocery)  you just have to pan heat to roast the powder, for few minutes (to remove the raw taste) top with fresh, cilantro or coriander leaves.

Optional: you can add thinly sliced white onion for the crunch and some chilli flakes if you like some heat.

This is my simple, quick version (as seen in the pictures with pasta noodles)

The original hand mix noodles recipe has these following ingredients:

burmese noodle salad vegetable ingredients


burmese noodle salad ingredients

• 100 grams of rice noodles, vermicelli or any pasta noodle (In a large bowl of water, soak vermicelli in lukewarm water until tender and translucent, blanch in boiling water then drain, then set aside)

• 100 grams of cooked rice mix in chili oil (if you like to add the rice)

• 150 grams of shredded cabbage

• 125 ml onion oil (fry the onion and remove the crisp onion or just heat the oil with half teaspoon of turmaric) you can just buy ready made fried onion also.

• 50 grams of chick pea powder

• 75 grams of ripe tamarind pulp (socked in warm water for juice)

• Patis (fish sauce to your taste) also with chilli flakes for some heat (optional)

Additional to the noodle salad:

• You may also add some boiled potatoes peeled and slice in 1 cm.

• 20 grams dry shrimp (hibi) pounded into floss

• 100 grams of deep fried tofu


burmese noodle salad procedures

• Mix everything. Add the fish sauce and tamarind juice according to your taste and the chick pea powder to your consistency (the chick pea powder thicken the mix of the salad)

• Top with the onion oil, fried onion and cilantro.

Try this healthy and light Burmese noodle salad. Enjoy!

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